Bad things might have happened in your life, but that doesn’t have to define who you are. Hope For The Journey is a place of healing.

We provide individual, group and family counseling for people who have experienced something traumatic and want to move on.

Moving on is easier said than done, of course. So, we focus on proven treatments and hone our skills to give you the best tools and experience the help you fight through. Because, above all else, you matter.

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Anxiety and Depression Counseling

You are doing great in so many areas of your life, so why don’t you feel happier? Why do you always feel tired, lonely, overwhelmed? So many people struggle with these feelings day in and day out. But you don’t have to settle for a ho-hum life.

Anxiety and depression stick around because something is stuck. Sometimes that’s memories from the past that you haven’t fully worked through. Sometimes it’s because of the way you are approaching your pain. Counseling can be a great way to unravel what is holding you back from the life you want and deserve.

The benefit of working with a therapist who is trauma-informed is that our clinicians are well-versed in healing depression and anxiety, and can go deeper if it becomes needed down the road. As mentioned above, often anxiety and depression are rooted in unresolved memories–just like trauma. So, the same techniques can be very effective for more generalized issues. Sometimes this is referred to as “Big T traumas” and “Little T traumas”. We can help with both.

Anxiety counseling is all about learning 1) how to name/understand what you are feeling and 2) becoming intentional in how you react. Once you understand yourself better, you can do relatively simple things to quickly reset your body back to calm.

Depression therapy is is about finding ways to jump start your life. Our clinicians are here for you. We believe in your ability to find meaning and joy. Like anxiety therapy, to battle depression it takes knowing concrete activities you can do that boost your mood and energy while also exploring what is holding you back. Once we work through the stuck parts, the depression naturally lifts.

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Lots of people are walking around with Post-traumatic Stress symptoms and don’t even know it. You might think you are just anxious…or depressed…have ADHD…or maybe you have even been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. But the normal treatments haven’t worked or what was working didn’t stick. Often, the reason for this is because underneath the sad or the anxiety or the “can’t-sit-stills” is a history of trauma.

Do you avoid thinking or talking about certain things in your past? Are there big blanks in your memory? Do you startle easily, feel on edge all the time, and/or struggle with nightmares? If so, our counselors can help you better understand what is going on and how to heal. Having PTSD is hard, but highly treatable. We can help.


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Sexual Abuse and Assault Counseling

Sexual trauma can be hard to talk about. Even therapists sometimes avoid the topic.

Hope For The Journey is different. We know your story is difficult, but we are not afraid to go there with you. Whether you are afraid to make the first phone call or are ready to jump right in, our therapists will go at your pace. We listen. We understand. We believe in you even when you have given up on yourself.

Some of our clients have been recently assaulted. For some, it was years ago. But for all, it was something that changed things.

Good counseling for sexual trauma helps you understand the big and little things that are controlling your beliefs and behaviors. Once you know what’s “driving the bus”, you can can unhook the negative and reclaim on the positive. Many of our clients are able to do this in as few as 8-12 sessions.

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Healing After Domestic Violence

Has someone you love hurt you? Maybe you are not even sure if what happened qualifies as domestic violence. This kind of betrayal is confusing and can happen in all kinds of relationships–not just marriages.

But if you are even questioning, then something was probably off with your relationship. We can help.

We help our clients to…

  • understand the dynamics in a toxic relationship
  • heal after something traumatic has occurred
  • feel understood
  • learn about healthy relationships so you can see it when you’re in it (and know when you are not)
  • feel empowered to take control of their future

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You matter. We can help.


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