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Why My Client’s Choose Me

Sometimes trauma happens to the whole family, but often it happens to one person and yet affects everyone. Parents and siblings are often the forgotten victims–especially with sexual abuse.

While you may or may not have been the target, your world has been forever impacted, too. You feel devastated. You are forced to look at all your memories and experiences from a new perspective. It is easy to feel judged and unsure who to trust. You may struggle to understand how this happened or it may feel impossible to connect with the child who was abused.

Often, it can feel hard to know how to show love and support–especially if you are parenting a special needs child. It might feel selfish to ask for help for yourself. But you and your other children need support, too. The stronger you and your entire family is, the braver your child can be in his/her recovery.


Why I Do This Work

I believe every one of us holds inner beauty and talent–especially those with special needs. It is my passion to work with kids, adults, and their families during the vulnerable moments in their lives.



As a proud mother of three, one of whom has diagnoses of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Retractable Epilepsy, I know how hard it can be. When you add abuse or a sexual trauma to an already difficult situation, the responsibility as a parent (or a sibling) can feel impossible.

Who I Help

Parenting is hard–especially when your child has just experienced something traumatic. You find yourself walking on eggshells. It’s hard to know how strict to be. You feel guilty for feeling angry, exhausted, and wanting to escape.

I believe in the power of families to heal. I feel so much joy watching my clients start to feel more connected, more in control, more enjoyment of each other. I love helping families add structure and real communication to their lives.

How I Help

Experiencing abuse or neglect steals your dignity and your sense of self. It robs families of stability and can tear them apart. With 10+ years of experience in working at an in-patient facility for children and adolescents, as well as working within the school system and also being a mom, I know how to help you and your children to get back on track. Being in supervision with Traci Pirri, our founder, I am committed to giving you the best help available.

With children and adolescents, expressive arts tend to work best. Through the use of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, I help kids and adults alike learn to feel safe again in their own skin, heal from the abuse, and build the strength to take on the world. If someone in the family has Autism Disorder or other special needs, I help create a specialized treatment plan that works not in spite of them, but because of them.

I help families to get back in sync and find laughter again at the dinner table.

Your family may feel broken right now, but this does not have to be the end of the story. Get started now with just a phone call.


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Monday     9am-4pm CST
Tuesday     10am-6pm CST
Wednesday     9am-4pm CST
Thursday     9am-4pm CST
Friday     9am-4pm CST

Appointments outside of regular office hours may be possible in some cases.


My rates are $95/hour for regular, 55-minute sessions.

I also have limited sliding scale slots for those with financial burdens.

Clients may use cash, check, credit, debit or their FSA/HSA (flexible spending) card for payment.


I am out-of-network for all insurances.                 


  • Master of Social Work, University of Texas
  • Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Family Relationships, University of Texas
  • Licensed Master of Social Worker, School of Social Work, University of Texas (#50958)
  • Currently working towards LCSW under the supervision of Traci W. Pirri, LCSW
  • 20+ years working with kids and families in the school system as a teacher
  • 10+ years working part-time at acute care and residential facilities as a therapist for kids, adults, and their families.
  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy
  • National Association of Social Workers, Texas Chapter, professional member


Sexual abuse feels like a hurricane uprooting everything in your life. The right treatment helps you rebuild stronger than before. I look forward to the privilege of working with you!


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