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3 Ways Being an
Introvert Is Your

While it may seem like extroverts run the world, introverts hold more power than more outgoing people might assume. In a world where the loudest and most attention-seeking personalities are propelled to the forefront (just look to social media and our news cycle for an example), introverts might feel a little left out of the conversation. 


We have all seen it. People think whoever is loudest wins the argument and whoever brags the most gets the promotion. That’s not to say that extroversion by default is a negative trait. But for every introvert who has ever been mistakenly labeled “shy” or “hard to read,” this blog is for you! 


Have you been feeling anxious that you’re not outgoing enough? Has other people’s misunderstanding of you caused you to feel depressed? When your identity is constantly questioned or undervalued, it can cause your self-esteem to plummet. I’m here to help you celebrate your “you-ness.” 


Introverts’ quiet confidence and subtle strengths might not be as bold and loud, but there are many ways that introversion is actually a great asset.

Introvert Superpower #1: Being Tight-Lipped Can Help People Trust You


Introverts who tend to talk less and listen more end up being great hubs for information. People assume that your more reserved nature means you won’t repeat what they share, and they will be more likely to tell you things they wouldn’t tell others. This could be beneficial, especially in professional settings where your ability to manage complicated social dynamics is essential. In friend groups, you might find yourself being the person everyone goes to for advice. Wield that power responsibly! 

Introvert Superpower #2: You See Things Others Miss


When you’re observing more and talking less, your powers of perception can be in full effect. Your tendency to process internally and reflect gives you amazing mental dexterity to both be present when needed and also assess the world around you in a complex way.

 You’re less prone to impulsive responses and can bide your time to come up with an appropriate solution or answer. You naturally take a step back from the spotlight, which allows you to survey all of the variables at play and decide your next move.

Introvert Superpower #3: Creativity Is Your Sword and Shield


Being a more introspective and cerebral person usually means you’re an excellent problem solver and creative thinker. Some of the most celebrated actors, musicians and artists are introverts who find freedom in the art they create. It’s okay to have parts of yourself that remain a mystery to the world. Not everyone is entitled to know every part of you, and surprising the people around you can also be pretty fun.

That Completes Your “Intro” to Introversion 

There’s a reason that philosophers and spiritualists since ancient times have put a high value on humility and self-restraint. Look to the monks who take vows of silence, the old adage that “the meek will inherit the earth,” and Toltec wisdom that teaches us to “be impeccable” with our words (Don Miguel Ruiz). 

Working with a therapist is a great way to better understand yourself and how to enhance the strength you already possess. It is also helpful to speak to someone who will champion the person you are and help you challenge those negative voices in your head saying that you aren’t good enough.


You can be quiet and still be confident.

You can be reserved and still connect with others.

You can be “shy” and still roar like a lion when you need to.

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