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What is PTSD?

We know PTSD (also known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) sounds scary. It can feel like something other people experience. People who went through something much worse than you. Even veterans and victims of mass shootings–experiences most people agree are likely to cause PTSD–will tell you they should just be able to get over it

The reality is that PTSD can be caused by all kinds of traumas–many of which most people wouldn’t even count as a “trauma”–at least not for themselves. And it’s not as easy as just wanting to get over it. Real treatment is needed. Luckily, there are really good options out there & helping people recover from a traumatic experience is where we shine. 


You Don’t Have To Live With PTSD.

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Do I Need PTSD Treatment?

You may have been through a life-threatening or life-altering experience. If so, your body and brain do all kinds of tricks to help you get through it. In short, they shut everything non-essential down and focus on survival. Most of the time, after the threat is gone, your body and brain will then settle down. Then, you learn from the experience, and things get back to normal.

But, sometimes this settling down doesn’t happen. Instead, your body and brain stay on high alert. And each time something reminds you of what happened, your body goes back into that survival mode. And this happens over and over.

After a while, this becomes too much. You might start to also disassociate, numb out, or feel depressed.

Dealing with unresolved trauma can be confusing and overwhelming.

How Do I Know if I Have PTSD?

Some signs that trauma might be impacting your life include:

*You feel jumpy and startle easily
*Your relationships are struggling
*You feel onedge all the time, like something bad is about to happen
*Sex doesn’t feel the same as it used to
*You feel numb or spaced out a lot
*You don’t seem like yourself anymore
*Eating becomes a way to feel in control or to fill an emotional hole
*You start and stop things, struggling to finish tasks

If you suspect you might have Post-traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms, we are here to help. Our counselors can empower you to heal. When difficult things happen in the future, you will be equipped to face them stronger than ever.

Can PTSD Treatment Help Years Later?


The tricky thing about PTSD is that it can come and go. Sometimes, things like denial and avoidance can work for years. But, in time, PTSD symptoms start to show. Often, people will start having symptoms when they are going through a big change. You may be getting married. Your child may be the same age as you were when the abuse happened, or you are finally in a safe, loving relationship. All kinds of things–good and bad–can trigger a PTSD episode.

Often, PTSD feels like a Jack In The Box. You never know when it will go off. But once you understand how PTSD works and start learning your triggers, PTSD can be overcome.

What’s Involved in PTSD Treatment?

We work with kids, teens, adults, couples, and parents. we help you not only heal but completely break free from the negative effects of trauma. We work with all kinds of bad experiences, especially sexual traumas. You can be confident that we have the training and expertise to handle the most difficult of circumstances.

With PTSD treatment, our clients tend to…

  • Feel strong and able to take on the world
  • Know how to manage anxiety and stress
  • Are prepared for bad things to happen in the future
  • Believe in themselves
  • Have strong, connected relationships
  • Know how to ask for what they need
  • Sleep soundly
  • Embrace their bodies
  • Enjoy life and feel alive
  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Have fun and laugh often

If you or someone you love is going through any of this…

Don’t Settle. Get Expert PTSD Help

Our counselors and staff at Hope For The Journey know that you matter. You are ready to dive right in. Or, you may be a bit scared to take the first step, we are here for you from start to finish and will go at your pace.


Traci W. Pirri, LCSW-S, Owner/Executive Director

Advanced Clinician Katy Harmon, LCSW, EMDR

Advanced Clinician Heather Hammock, LMFT, EFT, EMDR

Advanced Clinician Sophie Chudleigh, LCSW

Resident Clinician Taylor Kall, LMSW

Maegan Woytek, LPC, EMDR

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We offer a variety of services from our Round Rock, TX-based therapy practice. Mental health services include therapy for anxiety and depressiondomestic violence, anger management, and EMDR. Our team also provides support for family members of all ages with children and tweenscouples, teens and young adults, men, and parents/partners. Contact us to learn more about our team and community involvement today!

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