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Welcome to Hope For The Journey!

You want to cut to the chase and find a good match. We understand!

It can be hard finding a therapist! Can you trust that they’ll do a good job? How do you know if it will be a match personality-wise? Will online therapy be as good as in-person therapy while we’re navigating social distancing related to Coronavirus?

We totally get it and are here to make the process simple. We’ll cut to the chase:


We Strive For…

Excellence in PTSD Treatment

If you had a rough childhood or just have had some experiences that keep bubbling back up despite all your efforts to move past it, you’re in the right place. Hope For The Journey specializes in trauma recovery–particularly involving sexual issues like sexual abuse, assault, domestic violence, etc…

Excellence in Panic and Anxiety Treatment

You’ve been struggling for a while with excessive worry and fear of another panic attack happening. You’re finding it harder and harder to do the most basic things. We can help. We can teach you the skills you need to manage your anxiety and the safety you need to explore and understand it better.

Excellence in Depression Help

You are struggling to get out of bed some days. It feels like you’re walking through water and you just want the pain to end. We understand how tough it can be to fight your way out of a depressed episode. We can help you find your motivation and support you in taking those first most difficult steps.

Excellence in Online Therapy

We’ve been doing online therapy for years, so the move to 100% online during our current crisis was pretty smooth. We focus on making sure you know what to do and feel comfortable. We can help you create privacy even if you’re working from home with all your family around you. We can provide the same clinical services and level of excellence you deserve. Many people even find they like online services better because it feels nice to be in the comfort of their own homes.


Now that you get what we do, here’s a bit about who we are…


Julie Nachman, LMSWAbout Julie Nachman, Clinician

Hi! I’m Julie. I work with adults individually, as couples, and in groups who want to understand themselves better and improve their ability to connect and be present.

Life has not been easy for you, but you are ready to feel better and feel loved. Through a holistic, body-centered approach like Somatic Experiencing™, you can heal, grow, and shape the future of your dreams.  Let’s get started. I can’t wait to meet you!

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Kori Stauffacher, CounselorAbout Kori Stauffacher, Clinician

Hi! I’m Kori. I work with kids, teens and adults who want better for their lives, but are struggling to figure out how to get there.

Maybe something happened in the past, or maybe life has just been hard. Whatever your circumstances, you can shape a future that makes you excited to wake up every morning. I use EMDR™ and other proven techniques to give you the tools. You can be proud of the person you are. Let’s talk about how to get you there.

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Traci W. Pirri, Director

About Traci W. Pirri, Owner

Hi! I’m Traci. I am the owner/director of Hope For The Journey.

I started Hope For The Journey with the vision of bringing together the strengths of excellent clinicians, community partners, and brave survivors to heal the pain of abuse and neglect in Texas. I organize things behind the scenes to make sure your experience with our clinicians is helpful and smooth.

You matter to us. We believe in your ability to not just heal, but thrive. If you’re ready to get started, I’d love to help make it simple and smooth.

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