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Counseling for Teens and Young Adult Therapy in Austin, TX and Round Rock, TX

Young Adult Therapy in Austin, TX, Round Rock, TX, and Throughout Texas

Starting out in life, especially when you’ve had hard things happen to you growing up, can be tough. Taking on the extra pressure of being an adult is no joke. 

You still want to have fun and enjoy being young. But, also know that things might actually start to fall apart now if you don’t get your act together. Finding that balance can feel overwhelming, but luckily there is help.
Our counselors love helping young adults like you to feel confident, find love and real friendships, and accept themselves. A young adult therapist from our team can support
  • College students
  • Young entrepreneurs
  • New parents
  • Newlyweds

We can help you identify what is holding you back, whether it’s anxiety or depression, or anger. Once you know what’s holding you back, we can help you move past it and heal. By doing so, you can create a future for yourself that is full of opportunity and hope. 

Counseling For Teens in Austin, TX, Round Rock, TX and Throughout Texas

Hey Teens… 

We see how hard you’ve been trying, even if no one else does. We understand how it can feel know that you have everything going for you, but you still feel lonely, stressed, and depressed. 

We get it. Our counselors don’t want to put just another To Do item on your list. We want to find out what’s really causing you to feel bad and fix it…for good. 

We also know that sitting through a counseling session might sound like torture. So, we focus on finding what works for you. For instance, your teen counselor might suggest going for a walk or playing a game during your session if that helps you relax. You might use art or EMDR to help you get started if you hate to talk about yourself.     

Your counselor for teens is trained to help you figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it . First, you’ll discover what’s causing your anxiety, anger, or depression. Then, you’ll be able to learn how to manage these feelings and heal from past experiences that may have kick-started them

Hey Parents…

We see you, too. We know as parents, you are struggling with knowing what to do. You’ve read all the books and done everything “right” but still haven’t found the best way to help your teen see themselves as strong, capable, and whole.  

You are well aware teenagers have to deal with extra hormones and their brains are still developing. But, you can’t seem to shake the feeling that something isn’t right. At this point, you want to only invest in things that have a good chance of working. 

A Counselor for Teens at Hope For The Journey is here to Support You!

We start with getting to know your teen and finding out what helps them feel more at home. We’ll develop a plan to help your teen understand and tolerate their feelings. Then we’ll help them heal what’s hurting. Finally, we’ll help them apply all this into their daily lives and help prepare them for future challenges, too. 

Your teen may have experienced childhood sexual abuse, a disruption like a divorce or bad breakup, or is hurting for some other or unknown reason. Regardless, we’re trained in research-based modalities known to help. But even more importantly, we’re committed to getting to know your teen. A counselor for teens from our team can help them to know and like themselves.  

What Should I Expect From Good Counseling For Teens and Young Adults?

Calm & Experienced

No matter what brings you into therapy, you want a counselor that can handle your story and see beyond what happened to the person you truly are or want to become.

No Cookie Cutter Treatment

You deserve a counselor who is truly there for you. Someone who pays attention, uses creativity to mix things up, and learns what works for you.

A Clear Finish Line

We believe therapy should create real and lasting change. If it’s done right, our clients will leave treatment with the tools they need to feel better for years to come. We want to work ourselves out of a job.
It can be hard to know what’s normal at any age, but particularly when you’re in a big change period like the teenage years or becoming an adult. Still, if you feel like you’ve tried everything else and something is still off, counseling might be a great option.
You just want to be happy and out there living life. Instead, you feel distant and irritable. You even feel a little crazy because you think you “should” be happy. 

Some signs that Counseling for Teens and Young Adults might be a good idea include:

*Urges to self-harm or lash out
*Controlling relationships
*Not being able to picture a positive future for yourself
*Change in performance at school
*Weight loss or unhealthy eating patterns
*Struggling with sexuality/gender/identity


Don’t worry, though. Our Teen Counselors and Young Adult Specialists at Hope For The Journey are here to help.

Our team is not scared of big feelings. We approach therapy with teens (and all our clients) in a different way than most therapists. And we are constantly working ourselves out of a job because we don’t believe therapy should last forever!

You Deserve to Like Yourself. Let's Get Started.

Other Services Offered At Hope For The Journey

Counseling for teens and young adults isn’t the only service we offer. We offer a variety of services from our Round Rock, San Antonio, and Austin, therapy offices. These include therapy for sexual assault, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, PTSD, and EMDR. Our team also provides LGBTQIA therapy and support throughout the state via online therapy. We also support family members of all ages with children and teensmencouples, and parents/partners. Contact us today to learn more about our team and community involvement!
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