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What is EMDR?

You’ve heard about EMDR and are curious, but also a little nervous. Does it work? What is it like? Is it like mind-control? Does it actually work online?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a proven, powerful tool. It helps heal trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and many other mental health issues.

We know. It sounds like magic.

I mean, is it possible to have a memory that’s haunted you your entire life suddenly feel farther away and not as important

The answer is yes (and no).

EMDR is a short-term treatment model that can heal simple traumas in as little as 1-3 sessions. While it is powerful and often very effective, it is not magic. Instead, it is an 8-phased treatment model that is tailored to your needs. It may take many months or even years to complete. This will depend on if you are suffering from complex trauma or other complicated issues. 

EMDR therapy may be simple and fast or more complicated. Either way, our therapists at Hope For The Journey have got you covered.

Introduction to EMDR

Does EMDR Therapy Work?

EMDR is widely recognized by the treatment guidelines of national and international organizations. This includes:

EMDR has proven itself time and time again. There are decades of research to back up the treatment recommendations. Plus, rising acknowledgment as being one of the most cost-effective treatment modalities. 

Harvard professor and psychiatrist, Judith Herman, M.D. suggests a three-stage process for trauma recovery. This includes “establishing safety, retelling the story of the traumatic event, and reconnecting with others… [and] ordinary life.

EMDR therapy encompasses all of these stages with its 8-phased treatment approach. 

Before beginning EMDR, you will notice distress. This may manifest in the form of anxiety, low mood, anger, or confusion. Successful completion of EMDR leads to feeling calm/neutral about the experience. This may include believing something positive about yourself, and no lingering sensations in the body

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Is EMDR Safe?

You may have tried other counseling options before. You may have even tried EMDR before and not had great results. The benefits you receive from EMDR are a direct result of your therapist’s skills and training. Plus, your own readiness for treatment

At Hope For The Journey, our EMDR therapists receive regular, ongoing supervision and training.

*EMDR Basic Training
*Follow Up Consultation towards EMDR Training
*Weekly supervision group
*EMDR Certification Consultat

Are You Ready To Give EMDR Therapy in Austin or Round Rock A Try?

Traci W. Pirri, LCSW-S, Owner/Executive Director

Advanced Clinician Sophie Chudleigh, LCSW

Advanced Clinician Shauna Diawaku, LPC, EMDR

Advanced Clinician Heather Hammock, LMFT, EFT, EMDR

Advanced Clinician Katy Harmon, LCSW, EMDR

Resident Clinician Taylor Kall, LMSW

Maegan Woytek, LPC, EMDR

What Happens In an EMDR Session?

No. You won’t be hypnotized.

You will be in full control at all times. In fact, we’ll even teach you how to signal us to stop, if needed.

No. You won’t need to “white-knuckle” it through your worst memories.

Before we start working on memories, you will learn how to shift into a state of calm and safety fast.
We will also develop several “resources” to help you turn down the intensity of a memory if needed. 
This is part of Phase Two of EMDR: Preparation. This phase might be pretty long depending on how complex your history of trauma is.

Yes. You will experience some discomfort to start. 

Every mental health treatment known involves the need to explore what hurts. This means at first, you will feel whatever anxiety, anger, or sadness is part of your issues. 
However, bilateral stimulation (BLS) which is the mechanism that makes EMDR work, generally leads to feeling less distress quickly. 
You know you have “cleared” a memory when you feel neutral or calm about a once painful memory. 

What is BLS (Bilateral Stimulation)?

BLS can occur in many ways. This can may including eye movements, tapping, alternating tones in your ears, and more.
For kids, it might look like playing patty-cake or coloring on a piece of paper back and forth. 
For online therapy, your therapist will likely instruct you how to tap below your shoulders, on your legs, or cheeks. Or, they might have you use an online program that assists you in doing eye movements or using tones

How Do I Know When I am Done With EMDR Therapy? 

EMDR therapy has a distinct beginning and end, unlike some therapies that can go on and on for years. 
You know you’re done when you truly believe something positive about yourself. You can see it playing out in your reactions, your relationships, and your relaxed body


What Are The 3 Stages of Trauma Treatment?


Learn how to calm yourself in the moment even when discussing difficult things. Then, practice it on your own and build confidence that you can handle whatever comes up in treatment.


Dig into what is “driving the bus” with your anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Shift your thinking and take the negative charge out of the memories that shaped your pain.


Now put it all together and make real changes in your life and your relationships. This is where you get to celebrate how far you’ve come.

How Long Will EMDR Therapy Take?

In the trauma world, we talk about simple trauma and complex trauma. We have to decide what kind of trauma you’ve gone through before talking about the length of therapy. 

 Simple traumas are when only one bad thing happened amid a life that otherwise was full of support and love. Complex trauma happens when you got the short stick in life. Lots of bad things may have happened. Difficult childhood, many traumas, physical issues, etc…

Simple traumas and even some complex traumas can heal in only 8-12 sessions. Much more complex trauma can take a while longer–even years sometimes. But when you find a good fit with your sexual abuse counselor, you will often start to feel better fast.

Once you get started, your therapist will have a better idea of how complicated therapy might be.

What Will EMDR Therapy Cost?

Our counseling fees are based upon your clinician’s licensure, experience and training level. 

  • Intern Level – $50 / 50-min session – Masters Level Student Intern, EMDR Trained
  • Resident Level – $135 / 50-min session – Provisionally licensed clinicians, EMDR Trained
  • Advanced Level – $145 / 50-min session – Fully licensed clinicians,  EMDR Trained
  • Senior Level – $160 / 50 min session – Fully licensed clinicians, EMDR Certified
  • Master Level – $185 / 50 min session – EMDR Certified and/or Consultant, +5 years post-licensure experience

You can find more information about all of our clinicians and what their fees are by visiting our Meet Our Team page. 

Not Sure If You're Ready to Start?

Making sure that you have the RIGHT FIT with your therapist is super important. Why? Because research shows that feeling comfortable and confident in your clinician is a one of the biggest indicators of success in counseling. 

Many of our clients want to avoid launching into the details of their story or investing financially until they feel confident in their choice. Our Client Care Coordinator is a matchmaking genius, but, just like with dating, sometimes what’s good on paper doesn’t translate into real life.

That’s why we offer a 30-minute consult with the therapist of your choicefor only $15. It’s an opportunity for you to meet, get a sense of how you connect, and work through any hesitations that are holding you back. 

At the conclusion of that 30 minutes, you’ll be better able to decide how you want to move forward. 

Other Services Offered At Hope For The Journey

EMDR therapy isn’t the only service provided at our Round Rock, TX-based therapy practice. Mental health services include therapy for anxiety and depression, anger managementdomestic violence, and PTSD. Our team also provides online therapy and support for family members of all ages with children and teens, mencouples, and parents/partners. Contact us today to learn more about our team and community involvement today!

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