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Maegan Woytek, LPC, EMDR

Maybe you live in the “boondocks” and have struggled to find quality treatment services.

Maybe you have a hectic schedule and can’t make time for another weekly appointment with a commute.

Maybe you need the expertise of a trauma therapist and can’t find one nearby or with availability.

Accessing Quality Anxiety & PTSD Treatment or Depression Therapy Has Never Been Easier In Texas.

Beginning Video Counseling Is As Easy As 1...2...3...

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Therapy in Texas

Does Online Therapy Feel The Same as In-Person?

Yes…and no.

Of course, there is a difference, but many people find that difference is actually what they like most about online therapy. You see, many people find that it is a little easier to be honest and open when they aren’t actually in the same room. Have you ever noticed how it’s easier to have a hard conversation in the car or while walking side-by-side with someone? It’s kind of like that. Sometimes looking directly at each other and sharing the same space makes it too intense. 

But even with that difference, it’s really amazing how much does transfer through the screen. Your therapist will still be able to sense your feelings and you will still be able to feel connected. 

Is Online Therapy Effective?


The short answer is YES.

Research has been going on for years to determine if online therapy is as effective as traditional in-person therapy sessions.

For example, a 2002 study in CyberPsychology and Behavior found video therapy to be as effective for most and even better for some. In particular, people suffering from panic attacks and anxieties about being around other people tended to have greater success in the comfort of their own homes.

Everyone is individual, of course. The reality is that you likely won’t know if online therapy (or therapy in general) will work for you until you try. We want to make that easy, so we have a $15 30-minute Meet & Greet. During this time, you can meet your preferred therapist and see what it feels like before you start.


How Does Online Therapy Work?

As a result of the pandemic, we are now connecting online with so much more frequency than before March 2020. You’re likely already familiar with how to do video conferences. So, for most, doing therapy online will feel familiar and easy to negotiate. If it doesn’t feel easy, our therapists can help you troubleshoot.

The main difference for online therapy services is it has to be 100% confidential, just as it does when you meet with a therapist face-to-face. This means you’ll get a link for your session that sends you right into a secure virtual “waiting room.” You’ll sign in letting us know you’re there, and then your therapist will begin the session.

Bingo…clear, 100% secure therapy from the safety and comfort of your home.

What if there are connection problems?

Again, this is another reason our experience comes in handy. Because we’ve been doing this for a while, we know how to iron out all the kinks.

1. Before we get started you’ll get a list of instructions on how to make the connection best on your end.
2. We can help you to problem-solve any issues that come up.
3. We have a back up plan in place for all sessions in case we get cut off.

What if I don’t have any privacy at my house?

Don’t worry. Your online therapist can help you to troubleshoot this, too. We have all sorts of tricks we’ve used with other clients. As a result, we feel confident we can find a way for you to have privacy one way or another.


What If I'm Still Not Sure?

No problem! That’s exactly why we offer 30-minute Meet & Greets with your therapist for just $15. This is your chance to make sure you feel like the therapist AND the format (in-person or online therapy) is best for you. 

Still Have Questions About How Online Therapy Works? Let's Dig Deeper...

Will Online Therapy in Texas Work For Me?

The research is clear that most types of therapy such as depression and anxiety are as effective online as they are in person. If you prefer in-person therapy even after giving online therapy a try, this might still be a better option for you. Many clients find that they like online therapy. Sometimes, they like it even more. If you feel more comfortable in your own home, you might be willing to be more vulnerable and do better work.

Our Guarantee = Your treatment plan won’t be cookie cutter. 

This means we will be looking to see what works for you & build from there. In a nutshell, there are a few things that determine the effectiveness of therapy:

1. Do you feel like your therapist “gets you”?

Finding a good fit with your therapist is somewhat like dating. You want someone who gets your sense of humor. Someone who makes you feel comfortable and safe. Someone who “speaks your language”. This is as true for online therapy as it is for in-person sessions.

2. Is your therapist skilled in the types of anxiety and depression treatment that actually help you?

We take our ongoing education seriously. Each quarter, our therapists develop a specific goal for clinical skill development. Many times, this ties to issues that have come up in sessions with specific clients. So, if we have a client who is not making progress, we’ll identify a training, book, or podcast that we think might help. We may use this to help us work with the specific issues in that case. In this way, our skills are developed and tailor-made for our clients’ needs.

3. Are you open and ready to do the work?

This is a big piece of the puzzle. Everyone wants to feel better. But, not everyone is ready to do the work required to make the big changes they want. We help you to figure that out and overcome obstacles that are holding you back.


Which Online Therapy is Best?

Most types of therapy can occur online, in an effective, and private way.

COVID-19 forced the entire world to stay inside. To adapt, therapists everywhere had to try out services online. So, that means there’s a lot of choices, and it can be hard to know how to choose.

Luckily for us, we had already been providing online therapy for many years.

This means you will have not only a well-qualified therapist to lead you in healing. You will also have a confident and calm therapist too!

Why does experience with online anxiety treatment or depression help matter?

  • Research shows that when the therapist is confident and enjoys a type of therapy modality, the client has a much better chance of healing. So, our experience with online therapy means you have the best of the best. Our team uses fast, proven techniques like EMDR and Trauma-Focused CBT to heal your pain.
  • Experience also matters because your personal confidentiality matters.

We use confidential platforms already tested and vetted. We have policies and procedures in place to protect your privacy. We also help coach our clients in making small changes to your home environment to ensure you have a confidential space for therapy on your end. So, don’t worry about your privacy. We do the worrying for you.

How Much Does Online Therapy Cost?

Online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. Our costs associated with bringing you an excellent level of care do not decrease whether you choose online or in-person services. So, the costs are the same. Visit our rates page for more information.




Can I Do EMDR Online?

Absolutely! We can do most types of therapy including EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, and all the other wonderful tools for healing online. 

Online Therapy Can Provide the Support You Deserve!

Online Therapy Can Provide the Support You Deserve!

We offer a variety of services from our Round Rock, San Antonio, and Austin, therapy offices. Mental health services include therapy for anxiety and depression, domestic violence, sexual assault, anger managementPTSD, and EMDR. Our team also provides support for family members of all ages with counseling for teens and young adultschildren and tweens, couples, men, and parents/partners. Contact us today to learn more about our team and community involvement!

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