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Starting therapy can be overwhelming. We're here to help.

A Helping Hand to Get You Started with Counseling

The big box agencies out there are really good at getting clients scheduled fast, but too often they get it wrong.

We have a fabulous Client Care Coordinator, Nia, who is dedicated to helping clients understand their choices and make an educated decision about which therapist is best for them. The extra time she spends with you at the start means less time wasted on a bad fit.

When you talk to Nia, she will quickly get a sense of what your top priorities are, let you know your options, and then get you set up with an appointment. She’s there for any questions you have before that first appointment. And she’s there for administrative support throughout your treatment. 

And should we NOT turn out to the be the best fit for you, Nia has a robust referral list. So, she’ll help get you pointed in the right direction outside of Hope For The Journey. 

Counseling Tailored for You

In Person Sessions

We have offices located in Round Rock and Northwest Austin. Our offices are wheelchair accessible and furnished with all body shapes and sizes in mind.

Online Sessions

Online video sessions have proven to be equally as effective as in-person sessions, but offer a ton more flexibility and comfort. If you’re not sure, though, we can always schedule an in-person session early in your treatment to help you ease into online work.


Walk & Talk Sessions

Many of our therapists offer Walk & Talk options. If movement helps you, you might simply go for a walk outside the office or you might meet a therapist at a park.


Worried Online Therapy Won't Work For You?

Online Therapy in Texas

At Hope For The Journey, we have been providing therapy online for years (yep, even before Covid). So, we are confident in our ability to maintain both the quality of our services and the feeling of connection that our clients loveResearch has shown online therapy to be as effective in most cases as in-person therapy. In fact, many people find they like it better!

*Can you do EMDR online?

Yes! In the comfort of your pajama bottoms!

*Can my young child get help online?

Yes! We provide parents with the structure to make it work. 

*Can we do couples’ work online?

Of course! This really helps solve the scheduling problems that can happen when coordinating multiple schedules. 

As a team, we have invested in extra trainings and consultations specifically around making online therapy effective. This inspires us to provide effective therapy options online for all our clients. You would be surprised what creative ways we have learned to enhance our services. As a result, it is not uncommon for us to hear from clients who originally didn’t think online therapy would work for them that they actually prefer it now. 

Not Sure If You're Ready to Start?

Making sure that you have the RIGHT FIT with your therapist is super important. Why? Because research shows that feeling comfortable and confident in your clinician is a one of the biggest indicators of success in counseling. 

Many of our clients want to avoid launching into the details of their story or investing financially until they feel confident in their choice. Our Client Care Coordinator is a matchmaking genius, but, just like with dating, sometimes what’s good on paper doesn’t translate into real life.

That’s why we offer a 30-minute consult with the therapist of your choicefor only $15. It’s an opportunity for you to meet, get a sense of how you connect, and work through any hesitations that are holding you back. 

At the conclusion of that 30 minutes, you’ll be better able to decide how you want to move forward. 

Round Rock Office Tour

1101 Satellite View, Ste. 501 Round Rock, Texas 78665

Austin Office Tour

4131 Spicewood Springs Road, Ste. L-1 Austin, Texas 78759

Other Services Offered At Hope For The Journey

We offer a variety of services from our Round Rock, TX-based therapy practiceMental health services include therapy for anxiety and depressiondomestic violenceanger management, and EMDR. We also provide support for family members of all ages. This includes support for children and tweenscouplesteens and young adultsmen, and parents/partners. Contact us to learn more about our team and community involvement today!




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