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EMDR Intensives for Texas

What is an EMDR Intensive?

EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Intensives is a great way to get a lot of healing done in a short amount of time. 


In regular sessions, we have to create space for checking in at the beginning & making sure you’re ready for the work, then closing down at the end & making sure you’re ready to return to regular life in good shape. For intensives, you have longer periods of time to move through material without the stop and start, so you can make more progress in a shorter amount of time. 

What is an EMDR Intensive Like?


EMDR Intensives are generally done in 90 minute or 120 minute blocks. In one day, you might do a morning block and an afternoon block. Depending on your needs and the appropriateness for you, you might do 1-2 blocks per day for multiple days in a week. 

So, let’s say you and your therapist decide to do (2) 90-minute blocks for 2 days. Essentially, you can expect to move through about the same amount of healing you might expect in 8 weeks of traditional weekly therapy. 

Between EMDR blocks, you will be encouraged to stay off screens and do something nourishing for your body or soul. Get something to eat. Take a nap. Go for a walk. These quiet activities help you to reflect and integrate the work. 

Why Wait To Feel Better?

Is an EMDR Intensive Safe?

At Hope For The Journey, we ONLY do EMDR when it is safe. So, there will be an assessment process that you’ll need to move through with your therapist before being considered appropriate for an EMDR Intensive. 

We’ll look at things like…

  • how complex is your trauma history?
  • how open is your system (body, mind & soul) to the work?
  • what kinds of resources do you have?
  • how intense or specific is the work that you want to do?

Are You Ready To Give an EMDR Intensive Online or in Austin or Round Rock a Try?

Advanced Clinician Heather Hammock, LMFT, EFT, EMDR

Advanced Clinician Katy Harmon, LCSW, EMDR

Traci W. Pirri, LCSW-S, Owner/Executive Director

Maegan Woytek, LPC, EMDR

Is An EMDR Intensive Only For Complex Trauma?


No. In fact, many clients with non-“trauma”-related symptoms benefit tremendously. 

  • Panic attacks, Generalized Anxiety, persistent worry or depression, angry outbursts, sexual issues, and more can be targeted through an EMDR Intensive with great success.
  • Intensives can also be a wonderful way to get through one particular piece of your trauma work that feels too big to do in one regular 50-minute session. 
  • They can also be great to work on something really specific like work stressors, insomnia, preparation for some big event like a surgery or job interview, migraines or other medical issues, or relationship issues with your partner. 
  • Kids and young adults on breaks from school can do great with an intensive, moving them through large chunks of healing while capitalizing on days off from school or work. 

What Are The 3 Stages of Trauma Treatment?


Learn how to be okay with feeling your feelings without going into overwhelm. Then, practice it on your own and build confidence that you can handle whatever comes up in treatment.


Dig into what is “driving the bus” with your anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Shift your thinking and take the negative charge out of the memories that shaped your pain.


Now put it all together and make real changes in your life and your relationships. This is where you get to celebrate how far you’ve come and enjoy the life you were meant for.

How Many Will EMDR Intensives Will I Need?

Really, there is no good way to answer this. Everyone is different. It depends on 
  • how much work you need or want to do
  • how many defenses you’ve needed to develop over the years to survive
  • how you tolerate the work

Either way, you’ll be an active participant in deciding what you want to address in an EMDR Intensive and how many sessions you want to try. 

What Do EMDR Intensives Cost?

Our counseling fees are based upon your clinician’s licensure, experience and training level.

  • Master Clinician:  $200 Hourly Base, $20 added per hour per additional participant
  • Senior Clinician:  $175 Hourly Base, $20 added per hour per additional participant
  • Advanced Clinician:  $150 Hourly Base, $20 added per hour per additional participant

You can find more information about all of our clinicians and what their fees are by visiting our Meet Our Team page. 

Not Sure If You're Ready to Start?


Making sure that you have the RIGHT FIT with your therapist is super important. Why? Because research shows that feeling comfortable and confident in your clinician is a one of the biggest indicators of success in counseling. 

Many of our clients want to avoid launching into the details of their story or investing financially until they feel confident in their choice. Our Client Care Coordinator is a matchmaking genius, but, just like with dating, sometimes what’s good on paper doesn’t translate into real life.

That’s why we offer a 30-minute consult with the therapist of your choicefor only $15. It’s an opportunity for you to meet, get a sense of how you connect, and work through any hesitations that are holding you back. 

At the conclusion of that 30 minutes, you’ll be better able to decide how you want to move forward. 

Other Services Offered At Hope For The Journey

EMDR therapy isn’t the only service provided at our Round Rock, TX-based therapy practice. Mental health services include therapy for anxiety and depression, anger managementdomestic violence, and PTSD. Our team also provides online therapy and support for family members of all ages with children and teens, mencouples, and parents/partners. Contact us today to learn more about our team and community involvement today!
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