Hope For The Journey

COVID-19 + A
History Of Trauma
= Overload, But
There’s Help



Are you on trauma overload? You probably are if you’re not finding yourself shocked and surprised by the recent turn of events caused by COVID-19 shutting down the world. Overwhelmed, sure. On edge, definitely. But surprised? no. If this describes how you have been feeling, you probably have a long history of dealing with fear and uncertainty because that has been your norm. Your experiences have told you to expect chaos and negative outcomes.

This takes away the element of surprise in times like these, but doesn’t prepare you to deal with them. In fact, since your history of trauma might not be healed and processed, you find yourself more easily agitated and overwhelmed. Because this is reminding you of other times when the unspeakable happened, you are dealing with BOTH traumas at the same time.

Talk about overload!

You need help tailored to you with an understanding of how to help you learn to pace and ground yourself. You need extra support to navigate this unprecedented stressor so that you can respond rather than just react (which usually doesn’t work out all that well).

Fortunately, Hope For The Journey specializes in the treatment of trauma. If you’d like individual help, we are open and have availability for online sessions. If you’ve been affected by the shut downs and finances are a stressor right now, don’t worry. We have developed an online support group just for you.


Trauma-Related COVID19 Support Group

Together we can get through COVID-19. 

Find your center, Texas, and feel stronger than ever.

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