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When Renovations, like Therapy, Take Longer Than Expected

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been knee-deep in renovating a house in Galveston. This isn’t just any renovation project, though; this house is going to be used for EMDR intensives, a space dedicated to healing and transformation. Today, as I stood amidst the construction chaos, I found myself reflecting on the process and how it mirrors the journey of therapy in so many unexpected ways.

Surprises Along the Way

When we first embarked on this renovation, we had a clear timeline and a solid plan. But as with most things in life, it didn’t go exactly as expected. We ran into termite damage and mold, issues that demanded immediate attention and remediation. These setbacks extended our timeline considerably, transforming what we thought would be a quick project into a much longer ordeal.

The Bathroom Battle

One particular challenge stands out: the bathroom demo. It took two workers four days of relentless effort to dismantle it because everything was liquid-nailed in place. This painstaking process reminded me of how we often approach therapy with the expectation that it will be quick and straightforward.

Therapy and Renovation: Parallel Paths

Just like our renovation, therapy often takes longer than anticipated. Clients come in with a timeline in mind, thinking they can quickly work through their issues. But as we dive deeper, the preparation process reveals more layers that need careful attention. This can be frustrating for both clients and clinicians, leading to feelings of impatience and discouragement.

Patience is Key

In those moments of frustration, it’s essential to remember that taking the time to prepare thoroughly makes the journey smoother in the long run. Just as our meticulous work on the house will ensure a beautiful and functional space, the careful groundwork in therapy paves the way for genuine healing and lasting change.

The Reward at the End

Despite the unexpected challenges and extended timelines, the final product is always worth it. The house in Galveston will soon be a place of life, laughter, and healing. Similarly, in therapy, the time spent preparing and working through issues ultimately leads to profound transformation and well-being.

A Final Thought

So, as I sit here in our construction zone, I remind myself—and you—that going slow now means we can go fast later. The effort we put into preparation pays off in the end, creating something beautiful and lasting. Today, take this thought with you and go out into the world to do a little bit of good.

Embrace the journey, however long it may take, and trust that the final result will be worth every moment spent getting there.

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