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The specialized trauma therapists at Hope For The Journey have a combined 74 years of experience. Check out our clinical staff and their wealth of experience.

Presley Black, LPC-Associate

Infertility & Grief

Sophie Chudleigh, LCSW

Tweens/Teens, Fertility & Postpartum

Shauna Diawaku, LPC

BIPOC & Spirituality

Heather Hammock, LMFT

Couples, Families, and Attachment

Katy Harmon, LCSW

ADHD, Neurodiversity & Men

Taylor Kall, LMSW

LGBTQIA+ and Chronic Pain

Oliver Papa-Garcia, LPC-Associate

LGBTQIA+ Issues & Religious Trauma

Ladarian "LD" Parker

Masters Level Student Intern

Traci W. Pirri, LCSW-S

Perfectionism, Dissociation and Adoption

Maegan Woytek, LPC

Tweens/Teens & 1st Responders

Healing Fully From Anxiety & Sexual Trauma Matters

The problem is that even if you succeed at blocking it out for a while, eventually it starts to impact something. We see a lot of people with…

  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety & irritability
  • Unhappy romantic lives
  • Sleep problems

The longer you hold it in, the harder it can feel to let it out. 

PTSD Help That Works

Most people think about nightmares or flashbacks when they think about trauma, but the reality is that PTSD is only one way that trauma can impact a person. Some less obvious signs might include:

* Feeling alone
* Hating your body
* Picking the wrong partners
Never feeling good enough

Texans Deserve Expert Counseling

* Take back control 
* Sleep soundly
* Feel confident
* Feel whole
* Find calm

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