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Video: COVID-19
and The Risk of
Domestic Violence

Is Coronavirus Increasing the Risk of Domestic Violence?


Coronavirus has wrecked havoc on the world and forced us inside our homes. For some this is a nice break, but for many it has caused a specific set of circumstances in place that make the risk of domestic violence increase dramatically. 

Interpersonal or relationship violence is real and debilitating, often causing real challenges to how you see yourself as a person. 

Are You (or Someone You Know) At Risk of Domestic Violence?


The following video answers these questions:

  • What is domestic violence?
  • What is the cycle of violence?
  • What are 4 steps I can take today to break the cycle?
  • Where can I find help?

Is COVID-19 Putting You At Risk Of Domestic Violence?

COVID-19 has added stress to our businesses and families in so many ways. This video talks about domestic violence. If you or someone you know is at risk, please reach out for help. You don’t have to be belittled, controlled, or hurt.

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