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Trauma Is Anything Unresolved


Many people come into the office and say they weren’t traumatized. “Other people had it worse.” “What happened to me was nothing compared to [blank].” We hear these statements over and over because there is always a story that is worse than yours. 

The reality, though, is that even relatively small painful experiences can still be painful. And if we don’t have the time, resources, or support to fully process that pain, it can get stuck and cause trauma. 

Good Trauma Work Has a Distinct Start and Finish


Many people have been in therapy for years and love it because they feel like they can tell their counselor anything. There is certainly a place for this. But, when you have PTSD (or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), this type of therapy can actually do more harm than good. Help for PTSD is best when it is concrete help with a definite start and finish. At all times, someone working on trauma should know how close they are to the finish line. 

For this reason, good PTSD help involves more directive counseling. It is normal for a trauma counselor to be very active. They might interrupt and slow you down if they notice you are becoming flooded with emotion (or disconnected and possibly dissociative). They will know how to connect the COW “Crisis of the Week” with the underlying trauma that is driving the bus. They will help keep you on course and feeling grounded throughout the work. 

PTSD Treatment Is Different

Find out more in a recent interview of our owner, Traci W. Pirri, LCSW-S by Alex Parnell, LMFT, host of the podcast “Designed For Healing”. You can access the interview here: https://alexparnell.com/podcast/2021/2/4/episode-4-traci-pirri-on-trauma-therapy

PTSD Treatment Your Way

Did you also know you can get great, high-quality PTSD Help online? Addressing a traumatic memory is hard work. Shouldn’t you be able to do so from the comfort of your own home and at a time that is most convenient to you? We think so. Find out more here and let us know your questions and comments about PTSD Counseling below.

Begin PTSD Treatment and Online Trauma Therapy in Texas

Our team of caring therapists would be happy to offer support in helping you manage past trauma. We are happy to support clients across the state from our Austin, TX-based therapy practice. You can learn more about our services by following these simple steps:

2. Meet with a caring therapist
3. Start receiving the support you deserve

Other Services Offered At Hope For The Journey

We offer a variety of services from our Round Rock and Austin therapy offices. Mental health services include therapy for anxiety and depressiondomestic violencesexual assaultPTSD, and EMDR. Our team also provides support for family members of all ages with counseling for teens and young adultschildren and tweenscouplesmen, and parents/partners. Contact us today to learn more about our team and community involvement!

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