The past, adoptions, relationships...these things can be tough. 

Austin therapist Traci W. Pirri

helps you find your path.

Meet one of Austin's top individual therapists for Anxiety, Depression, and Adoption Issues...

Traci W. Pirri, LCSW

Hope has Power.

Hope has Strength.

Hope gives Courage. 

I believe that therapy and coaching offer you a bridge between the life you have and the life you want. Anxiety and depression can cripple you. Adoption issues can be overwhelming. If you are ready to cross over to the other side, I'll be right beside you. Let's get started.

"Everyone deserves a healthy and fulfilling life no matter what life has thrown their way. You just need the right supports & tools."

Trauma can be healed

Trauma Therapy

Healing sometimes requires specialized treatment. You need a therapist who has the skills to help you re-claim your life.

Anxiety & Depression Therapy

Depression & Anxiety  

Learn to fight depression & ease anxiety with proven treatments to improve your life. 

Adoption Services



Adoption relationships can be hard, but learning a few tips can make them run smoother and bring you closer.

Distance Counseling

Video Counseling

Do you travel frequently or have a tight schedule? Try the convenience of secure video counseling. 

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